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Atalanta group consists of four companies specialized in import, export and wholesaling in Tunisia, Libya and Algeria


Atalanta International Trading, based in Sfax, the pioneer city in the field of industry, was founded in 1998. It focuses its activities in the export of the necessary materials from all over the world for the Maghreb countries, and since then has gained an important place in the trade of construction materials, electrical materials, sanitary materials and home appliances .


Atalanta General Trading and Distribution: created in 2007 in order encourage and increase trade between Maghreb countries, especially Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and the export of local manufacturing to other foreign countries.


Braymex company, also based in Sfax, was created in 2009. It's concentrated currently in export of the above articles from Tunisia to neighboring countries: Algeria and Libya.


Atlanta General Trade and Industry is an Algerian registered company based in Alger and located in the western - eastern of Algeria. It is mainly involved in the import and wholesale distribution of construction materials and sanitary products throughout Algeria.


Atlanta Group, focused in its interventions, on highly qualified and experienced, frames, trade representatives and administrators, whose performances are mainly based on the coordination between supply and demand and ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

Group subsidiaries
ATALANTA International Trade

"ATALANTA" was founded in 1998 in sfax, the first industrial city of tunisia to be a leader in international trade in its areas of activities such as building materials,sanitary ware, home appliances and electrical products.


is a company based in Sfax International Trade and created in 2007 by its Managing Director Mr Ben Ali Braiek. It has since ceased to promote the export of Tunisian products to become their platform to foreign markets. With its experience, has BRAYMEX master the business and requirements of its target markets "Algeria and Libya."

atalanta for general trading and distribution

Atlanta was founded in 2007 in Sfax, the first industrial city of Tunisia, to be a leader in international trade in its areas of activities such as building materials, sanitary ware, home appliances and electrical product.

Gremda road Km 0.2 Bldg. Madina Center,
C-Block D 5th floor Sfax-Tunisia.

Phone : +216 74 416 216
Fax : +216 74 416 219


Group subsidiaries

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